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Interview with Brianna Lafferty

Brianna Lafferty Bri was lead to being a Death Doula, Grief and Spiritual Coach after a Near Death Experience and a life long illness which she learned how to heal. She wants to share these experiences and lessons so that others too find hope, health, and happiness from the answers that lay just beyond the veil.

Interview with Rev. Sue Frederick 11/15/23

Rev. Sue Frederick is an ordained Unity Minister, clairaudient, Soul Regression Therapist, and master numerologist. She channels messages and prayers from the angelic realm and receives wisdom from guides and departed loved ones to help people heal grief and find purpose. She uses Sacred Numerology and mystical information in her books and teachings. Rev Sue Frederick is the author of 11 books, including Through a Divine Lens: Practices to Quiet Your Ego and Align with Your Soul and The Sacred Numerology Workbook. As a student of numerology since 1980, she brings a deeply enlightened perspective to using numbers as navigational guidance tools for deciphering the soul’s journey.

Interview with Brian D. Smith 5/9/23

Brian D. Smith is a Certified Grief Educator, Life Purpose Coach, and Positive Intelligence Coach. His mission is to help people rediscover who they are and why they are here. Brian believes the secrets to surviving this life and thriving lie in those two questions.

Brian says if you’re feeling “stuck”, it’s most likely because you have forgotten the answer to one or both of these questions.

Brian’s vision is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If we know why something is happening, if we can give it meaning, we can endure just about anything. Brian wants to remind everyone of their true nature and reason for being.

Visit Brian’s website at

Episode 9

J.T. has a special New Year message for everyone!

Episode 8

In today’s podcast, J.T. and Sarina talk about maneuvering this current craziness, and how to best understand our lessons.

Episode 7

In today’s podcast, J.T. and Sarina talk with Cindy England, an incredible medium and healer. You can reach Cindy at

Episode 6

In today’s podcast, J.T. and Sarina talk with Claudia Milius with Sacred Wellness Arts. You can reach Claudia at

Episode 5

In today’s podcast, J.T. and Sarina share their words of wisdom on suicide from the soul’s perspective.

Episode 4

In today’s podcast, we talk with Doña Olivier with Aligning with Spirit! Doña shares her story on how she found her gifts, and how she incorporates them in the work she does now.

Episode 3

In today’s podcast, J.T. talks about change, and what we can do to embrace the change on our planet, and understand what is expected of us during this time.

Episode 2

In this episode, J.T. talks about creating our own reality, even when everything and everyone around us believes something different.

Episode 1

In this episode, J.T. lays the foundation for connection, and how to tune into your “spidey-sense”.

About the Bridge to Healing Podcast

Formerly known as the Channeling J.T. Podcast, this is a collection of videos and interviews to help you along your path. It has always been very important to J.T. to share information and light the way.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!

about j.t.

Master Teacher, Universal Helper, Co-Creator

My name is J.T. I came into my latest incarnation in October 1999. I knew I would only be staying for a short time. My family and I agreed this was the best way to get done what we needed to do. You see, I had to be on this side of life to help humanity in ways I could not help in my J.T. body.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved being in my body and sharing life with my family, but I always knew there were much bigger tasks for me to accomplish. So in March 2007 when I was seven years old, my body ceased to work. It was then that one of those bigger tasks began: convincing my mom she could communicate with me.

It took some time, but she figured it out. Now we work together to help humanity understand what we are doing here, why we come into bodies, and our job while we are here.

Everyone has a job. Everyone has a purpose. Sometimes that gets lost because we forget who we truly are.

We are infinite beings who come to earth to learn about life, love, and everything in-between.

My mission now is to help each of you live the life you want to live. I am no longer that seven year old boy. I have returned to my soul self, one of the creators of this beautiful system you call earth

About Sarina Baptista

Sarina Baptista is the medium through which J.T. channels. She is also his mother. When J.T. left his incarnation in March 2007, he did everything he could to let her know he was still very close. He led her to those who would help her discover who she truly is: a medium, the bridge between this world and the next.


Sarina is also an award-winning author, international speaker, and spiritual teacher, although she says none of this would be true without her incredible and determined son, J.T. She feels she is one of the blessed ones, able to talk with her son every day, knowing exactly where he is and that he is so much more than okay. He is her guide, her teacher.


To learn more about Sarina, click the button below!

Wisdom from the Other Side

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